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How to Fix a Sudden SEO Drop in Website?

how to fix website seo drop

Have you ever checked your website’s stats and seen your SEO rankings drop suddenly?

It’s truly a nightmare for any marketer or internet business, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Everyone has experienced something similar. It’s merely a typical phase of the SEO process. Indeed, changes in Google rankings occur often in the SEO industry.

The good news is that there’s no need to get too worked up most of the time. It could be a glitch in your rank-tracking tool, or Google might be tweaking its ranking system. Check again the next day, and you’ll likely find everything is normal.

But what if your rankings don’t improve, or if you’re feeling uneasy and want to make sure everything is running smoothly?

For that don’t panic and remember to get help from experienced SEO Experts. They help you find where your website rankings dropped and the strategies to fix it and run optimised as more effective 

This is a standard part of the SEO journey, and by following these steps, you can navigate any uncertainties and maintain a positive online presence.

Examine Why Website Traffic Dropped

Review any significant alterations, redesigns, or updates made to your website before the decline in rankings. Major changes might have influenced your rankings temporarily.

Coordinate with your team and sift through project records to identify any adjustments that could have inadvertently affected SEO. Rolling back problematic modifications frequently resolves ranking setbacks swiftly.

Algorithm Updates:

Google’s recent March 2024 Core Update targeted low-quality content and imposed additional spam policies in an effort to stop manipulative approaches.

Search engines continually refine their algorithms to enhance the relevance and quality of search results. If your website’s content or structure doesn’t align with the latest algorithm changes, it can experience a sudden website traffic drop in SEO rankings.

Keeping up with these changes and modifying your approach appropriately are essential to being visible.

Technical Issues:

The technical health of a website is fundamental to its SEO performance. Issues such as site downtime, robots.txt problems, 404 errors, etc. Be aware that issues might affect the entire website (like the website being no longer available) or just certain pages (like a misplaced no-index tag, that depends on crawling and progressively decreases traffic).

Regularly auditing and addressing technical issues is essential to prevent a decline in SEO rankings.

Content Quality:

The foundation of every successful SEO strategy is relevant, high-quality content. If your website’s content becomes outdated, lacks relevance, or is of subpar quality, search engines may rank it lower in search results.

Consistently updating and optimizing content ensures it remains valuable to both users and search engines.

Backlink Problems:

While backlinks from authoritative sources enhance SEO, poor-quality or spammy backlinks can have the opposite effect. Search engines may interpret such links as an attempt to manipulate rankings, resulting in a drop in SEO.

Conducting regular backlink audits and denying harmful links is essential for maintaining a healthy link profile.

Market Competitiveness:

Changes in the competitive environment can influence SEO rankings. New competitors entering the market or existing ones optimizing their strategies may impact your site’s visibility.

Staying attuned to the competitive landscape and adjusting your SEO approach accordingly is vital for sustained success.


 Violations of search engine guidelines can lead to penalties that adversely affect SEO. Practices such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, or acquiring links from unreliable sources can trigger penalties.

Adhering to ethical SEO practices and promptly rectifying any violations is crucial to avoid ranking penalties.

Website Redesign or Migration:

Changes to your website, such as a redesign or migration, can temporarily impact SEO rankings. Alterations to the site’s structure, content, or URLs may require careful planning and execution to minimise disruptions.

Implementing best practices during such changes can mitigate the potential negative impact on SEO.

By comprehensively understanding these factors, website owners can proactively address issues contributing to a sudden drop in SEO rankings.

Effective Strategies for Recovering Lost Google Rankings

Once you’ve confirmed the decline, it’s time to take action. Drawing from our experience, here are some proven steps to get your website’s SEO back on the search engines.

Double-Check the Ranking Drop

Make sure your rankings have truly fallen. Compare data from different rank trackers and check analytics and Search Console for decreases in impressions and clicks.

Identify the Scope of the Drop

Understand how much your rankings have fallen. Analyze search data to see which keywords and pages are affected, and look for trends to pinpoint possible causes.

Review Recent Site Changes

If you made significant changes to your website recently, they might be related to the ranking drop. Review these changes and consider reverting any that could have negatively impacted SEO.

Keep an Eye on Algorithm Updates

Stay informed about recent Google algorithm changes and see if they coincide with your ranking decline. Adjust your on-page elements accordingly to meet the updated requirements.

Check for Manual Actions

Check the Search Console for any manual actions taken by Google, such as penalties for spam or security issues. If there’s a penalty, address the problems and request a reconsideration.

Assess Competitive Advantages

Look into the recent moves your competitors have made that could have led to them surpassing your rankings. Study their tactics and devise strategies not only to match but surpass their success.

Verify Indexing Status

Ensure that search engines can thoroughly explore and index your website. Identify and resolve any technical barriers that may be hindering complete indexing to improve your rankings.

Identify On-Page Weaknesses

Evaluate your page layouts and content based on Google’s quality guidelines. Fix any shortcomings and enhance your pages to deliver an outstanding user experience.

Reclaim Lost Links

Regularly check your link profiles for broken redirects or removed integrations that might have caused lost endorsements. Act promptly to restore these connections.

Review Disavowed Links

Carefully examine your disavow file to ensure valuable links weren’t accidentally disavowed. If any are discovered, request reconsideration.

Key Points to Remember When Your Website SEO Rankings Drop Suddenly

  • Thorough Analysis
  • Quality Content Check
  • Technical SEO Review
  • Backlink Audit and Enhancement
  • Keyword Optimization
  • User Experience Enhancement
  • Focus on Local SEO too
  • Monitoring and Adaptation to the latest Algorithm

Final Thoughts

By following these strategic steps and implementing the recommended actions, you can effectively recover lost Google rankings and improve the overall performance of your website.

Regular monitoring, adjustment, and adherence to best practices will help ensure sustained success in the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization.

Additionally, seek advice from reputable SEO consultants to gain insights specific to your industry.

Implementing these additional points within each strategic step will contribute to a more comprehensive and effective recovery plan for lost Google rankings.

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Request a free consultation for Digital Marketing today! Share your business ideas, and we’ll transform them into impactful strategies for success.



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