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Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile App Development Trends For 2022 & Beyond

About the most recent advancements in mobile application development, 2022 offers an opportunity to create a new chance for companies that want to develop profitable applications. It’s all about integrating the latest technology into your business application to give your customers an outstanding experience.

This list of top trends regarding mobile applications in 2022 is not idle speculation. We’ve provided some research-based top mobile app trends (IoT, AR & VR, Wearable Technology, Blockchain Technology, On-demand Apps, Beacon Technology) that can outdo 2022.


IoT is the next step in IoT devices. It’s an exciting design trend that is expected to be in place by 2022. IoT that incorporates artificial intelligence can provide the best IoT devices to learn what you do in your daily life. Hardware companies such as Cisco and Dell plan to invest heavily in infrastructure. Google’s collaboration with Nest is also a subtle sign of more exciting things to come.

By 2025, there will be 152,200 IoT devices connecting to the internet per minute , and it is estimated that the number of active IoT devices will surpass 25.4 billion in 2030.


iOS and Android app development has grown in a flurry of popularity after Apple launched AR Kit and Google has announced AR Code. The demand for VR as well as AR apps is growing across various industries and the demand is already significant in education, health and travel, as well as retail. These companies are currently creating mobile apps that make use of the most recent technologies they are able to provide users with a more enjoyable experience which allows businesses to increase revenue

Wearable Technology

If your app has the ability to work into a health tracker, it is advised to integrate the functions of your fitness tracker within your mobile app. Wearable technology will be the trend in the near future. To make a better image think about what could occur if WhatsApp was closed and didn’t show notifications on your Apple Watch. Find experts who have expertise in all aspects of iOS apps as well as watchOS applications and then add all the features you require.

Wearables aren’t expected to increase in popularity without fully connecting into the mobile application. You’ll be left behind in the next generation if you aren’t making the maximum use of the potential of wearables. It’s going to take time studying wearOS and watchOS, as well as creating apps that work on Android and iOS. Utilize it if you are able to create the most of mobile applications which make use of wearables.

Blockchain Technology

While blockchain technology has been in use for a while, it is becoming increasingly popular in crypto as it is the base for various digital assets.

Blockchain technology is a great tool to create decentralized databases. That’s why it’s the latest trend in creating mobile applications. Decentralized databases do not require the gatekeepers to belong to a single business and a service.

As a result, applications created using this technology are safer since no person has access to information about users through databases.

Blockchain technology will be central to mobile app development in 2022, and security will become essential.

On-demand Apps

Mobile apps such as Uber and Airbnb have proven to be a huge success and have led to a shift in the market for apps. In a digital and internet-centric world, mobile technology is a significant factor that allows businesses to reach their customers wherever they are. Apps for service on demand are highly sought-after since they simplify things for both app developers.

The report states that users pay $57.6 billion annually for on-demand services to fulfill their needs. The possibilities for on-demand apps seem endless since the demand is growing, and there is a significant growth in the development of mobile apps.

Through B2C, B2B, and C2C business models, entrepreneurs are shifting toward on-demand services that facilitate the transfer of goods and services delivered to doorsteps. On-demand apps function as an intermediary between businesses and customers, providing the most efficient and satisfying experience for customers.

With the help of apps that are available on-demand, businesses can speed up their processes and boost the amount of revenue. Additionally, clients can integrate cutting-edge functions into their apps to boost profits.

Beacon technology

Imagine you’ve been searching for gadgets from a particular brand on the internet and are looking to check out the available options in person today. While you browse the shops, a mobile app informs you of the stores that have your preferred items and the price.

The Beacon technology used for mobile application development has allowed it to be made. When your phone is in the beacon Zone, the application receives Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals and provides relevant alerts for users with relevant information. The technology is gaining immense potential in marketing because it cuts down the distance between the brand and its customers. Healthcare and hospitality industries have begun using beacon technology to provide services. Since its introduction in 2013 by Apple, it has been employed for iOS apps. Since the introduction of Eddystone through Google in 2015, it was also common in android app development.


The technology of 5G has been in use for quite a while. Many IT companies have already embraced this technology to provide customers with better experiences. But, this technology is expected to be the industry standard by 2022.

The latest and most advanced technological advancements urge developers to utilize this technology to give you 1000 times more capacity than 4G. Another benefit of this type of technology is that it comes with lower latency than other technology, which will lead to fewer interruptions and a smoother connection.

How can I apply these Trends to My Business? 

Once you’ve figured out the game’s rules and how to make the most efficient use of app development trends in your business, stand apart from the rest of the pack.

To develop a better app, contact Greenwill Techs, one of the leading app development companies that would establish your presence and prove your brand authenticity among your customers! 

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