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 Trending Startup Ideas

Trending Startup Ideas 2021: Covid-19 Edition


Blogging became a hit in the 2000s and the earliest bloggers are said to be Justin Hall and Jerry Pournelle. Currently, blogging is not ‘just another trend’ and has rather become a part of digital marketing strategies. You might be a beginner, learner or a pro in penning down your thoughts and ideas; with blogging, you are assured to get visibility and monetary returns as well.

Several strategies such as affiliate marketing and sponsored backlinks can help you in gaining monetary returns! Also, since almost the entire world is at home due to the pandemic effect, if your blog is of relatable niche, your blog could easily reach the top rank on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing; this is because now more than ever people need a good source of entertainment and reliable source of an educational forum. By providing any of those, your blog site could become the next #1!


The word might seem highly complicated or technical but it is extremely easy and you can do it on the go. The functionality of this is quite simple; you need to download a reliable app, share catalogues with your margin price, place an order on the app and relax!

You will receive your margin price within a fixed number of days or immediately after successful delivery.

The briefest understanding is: you will be paid for placing orders for your customers!

Since you can place any number of orders, your payment increases accordingly!

Customized Products

Personal gifts or corporate gifts, the need for customizing the same is ever-growing for several reasons. Currently, the custom-gifts market is estimated to reach 43.3 billion USD by the year 2027. You can invest in types of equipment but the quickest way to start your business without much investment is partnering with existing applications made for the same purpose.

Alternatively, you can partner with any studio in your studio where types of equipment for customized gifts are available. Not limited to gifts, you can include customized phone covers, case-pops and much more; currently, the trend is inclusive of printing shower curtains!

Hobby Talents to the Business

With the covid-19 pandemic on the rise, people want to learn several skills from their home; this may be cooking, dancing, DIY workshops or anything of such sort. You could either set up a website or live stream via video call apps such as Zoom/ Google Duo.

If your talent is more of a type to be showcased such as graphic designing or illustration, you could use the website demonstration as a portfolio to get more gigs!


With more people hiring employees from across the Globe, there is always a need for translators to understand their queries and concerns. There is an increased need for project translations as well. In short, it can be said that the opportunity for translation is ever increasing. You could set up a site to showcase your past works or capabilities to reach those who require the same.

Website Reviewer

Yes, it is a real job! Companies create several sites every day and there is always a need for someone to review their site as a consumer or a “third person”. You could be that “someone”! But, how would they reach you? You could set up your social media accounts or a site or a YouTube channel where you independently review sites and garner views with your creative content. Based on your creativity and content reach, you would be paid to review sites privately or publicly.

Child & Pet Care

It’s the 21st century and pets are almost equated to kids, and the need to take care of them when the parents are away is increasing. If you are good with kids or pets or both (double benefit for you!), you could get a certification on the same to become a nanny to kick-start your business!


Inclusivity is the new fashion mantra. Irrespective of your credentials, you could start this business via your social media platforms or a dedicated website!


Becoming a trend in the 2000s after the first-ever video podcast (Dark End Days), the podcast universe has a strong journey into 2021 with achievers such as Sammy Jaye and Joe Rogan.


Greenwill Techs make your brand and products reach your audience effectively via digital marketing services. From creating your site to posting on behalf of you, your brand is sure to succeed via organic methods.


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