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What is Digital Advertising?

What is Digital Advertising? How it Affects Consumer Behaviour?

What is Digital Advertising?

Imagine this scenario: you are planning to propose to your significant other and discuss the same with your best friend. And, when you decide to purchase the perfect ring, every other ad on your phone shows the ring of your choice. Eventually, you choose the best ring and voila! This is known as digital advertising: fulfilling the needs of consumers.

Let’s analyse the above scenario.

Have you ever wondered the following in scenarios like above?

  1. Why the ads on your phone is different from your friend’s phone?
  2. How do ads fit your need?
  3. How do you see ads at the correct time? (eg: food advertisement before lunch)

The answer to both is simple: digital advertising is not limited to creative contents; it is inclusive of understanding the behaviour of consumers and tailoring the ads accordingly.

And it is of high importance to note that, making your ad reach your consumers at the right time increases the conversion. For example, if your consumers want to know about your mobile phone brand, you need to make sure that the targeted ad reaches at the time when your consumer is on the phone while relaxing or in a mood to look into the ad or is ready to search for phones. If your targeted ad reaches the consumers when they are in a meeting or any such important time, the conversion would be reduced.

Digital advertising can be explained in several aspects; as technology grows, so does digital marketing strategies. An ambitious simple definition could be framed as Marketing via the best of technologies to reach the last of consumers.

There are several digital marketing types and is still evolving till the minute you are reading this. Few common digital advertising concepts include: search engine marketing, PPC marketing, affiliate marketing, native advertising, social media advertising, email marketing, marketing automation, paid search advertising and conversion rate optimisation.

How Do Consumers React to Digital Advertising?

The first step is to make your potential customers know your product.

How does that happen? When a targeted ad reaches your consumer, your brand awareness among consumers increases.

When your brand is recognised, your consumer will move to step 2. In this step, your consumer will search for a common point between their requirements and your provision. For example, your potential customer is searching for mobile phones in the range of 10,000-25,000. If you sell phones in the range of 50,000 your consumer wouldn’t be able to find a common point; the key is to stay within range and a little extension on the sum that you know your customer is ready to spend.

The third step is the most important one: purchasing the product. A lot goes into selling your service/product. Remember: marketing never stops anywhere!

The final step is making your customer a part of the digital market! Wondering how? Contact Greenwill Techs for digital marketing services.

Top Reasons To Choose Digital Advertising

1. Cost Factor

If you try to publish your ad on the first page of any leading newspaper, the cost would make you consider a bank loan. However, when you publish your ad digitally, you are sure to reach including global audiences within your budget.

For Example: You want to increase your brand awareness in America. When you choose a newspaper to publish your advertisement, you would be charged on several factors such as the number of papers in circulation, the popularity of the paper and much more. Most importantly, you would be charged with multiple layers of taxes as well!

Now, consider this situation. You make creative content, publish it and market it digitally. The pricing is based on the number of days you want to run your ad or the number of times it clicked or such of similar nature.

The takeaway here is, you are sure to a lot, with your digital marketing choice. With the money you save, you could always market more or invest creatively in your start-up as well!

2. Trendy

The one thing that is evolving forever is digital marketing strategies. And on the other hand, consumers always are attracted to trendy content and appreciate the same with social media interactions and engagements.

For example, when you want to sell chocolates and post “chocolates available”, fewer consumers will interact. But, when you post “cherish your sweet moments with us”, with the tastiest picture of your chocolate, the consumers’ interaction with your brand will multi-fold.

Note: Interactions and engagements mean liking your post, sharing your post on their story or among their connections/followers, saving your content for future re-visitation and commenting on your post to express their views.

Also, most importantly, there may be people who don’t read the newspaper but almost everyone in your target niche would unlock their phone at least once. This means digital marketing is the smartest way to save money and be trendy as well!

3. Mobile & Laptop Users

The recent percentile of mobile users has surpassed the percentile of laptop users. This means that your brand awareness can be created through targeted ads on mobile as well as a laptop; however, the percentile of success can be expected to be more due to increased usage of mobile-based apps such as Instagram!

Well, if you calculate the costs of marketing daily both on laptop and on mobile, you still would be able to save more compared to traditional marketing strategies.

4. Geographic Reach Via Lead Generation

Imagine this scenario. You have recently launched a stunning boutique in your locality but you get only 3 customers per month. However, your friend in the neighbouring city is already to establish another branch within the first year of launch.

In the above situation, placing business at the wrong location has caused significant monetary loss and mental pain. How to find the perfect place for your business? Lead generation is the answer!

Lead generation is knowing where your customers are and what they want. Knowing the demand, you can easily announce your supply!

With lead generation, you can easily know the top geographic locations and work on the digital marketing ads accordingly.

Reason to choose digital marketing based on lead generation? Here is an example.

If you are opting for traditional marketing and if your top locations are 5 different cities, you will have to spend money on resources of that particular city such as top newspapers. With digital marketing, you could increase the reach to more cities within your budget!

5. Niche Reach

The first error of every start-up is having “everyone” as the target audience. It might seem like a good idea but in the long run, your resources would be of best use when the marketing reaches the ones who would choose you based on ads.

For example, if you run an ad for maternity clothes, your target audience should be pregnant women because only pregnant women or those who would want to gift her maternity clothes would look into it. Narrower the choice, the larger the conversions; this is known as niche-based targeting which is possible only via digital marketing.

But, what is a niche?

Niche, in simple terms, could be said as your target audience, narrowed down by specific interests. This is where your ad will have assured response in some form or the other.

With digital advertising, you can narrow the choice of niche as much as possible; however, with traditional marketing, your ad will reach everyone but not specifically to your target audience. With traditional marketing, non-interaction or rejection of your ad may be higher than the interaction on your ad. With niche targeting, your resources will be used to the optimum.

6. Traceable Results & Easy Conversions

Remember the days when sellers used to ask, “so, where did you hear about us?”. Sometime consumers would answer the question and sometimes consumers would ignore the question. Now, you can track the source of your consumer based on your ad. By promoting your brand online, your posts would show the number of people who have interacted with your content and the number of people who have reached you via the post.

Also, digital ads pave way for easy access to your profile. This would increase brand authenticity and consumers would become your loyal customers. Quick access to your profile enables your consumer to buy your service/product quicker; this increases the conversion. Remember the mantra: faster the checkout, quicker the conversion!

Such quicker conversion is not available in traditional marketing; the consumer might get distracted before checking your brand online and thus your conversion would be at stake.

7. Personalisation & Connection

Your ad represents you. Your customers are choosing you, via the ad. So, how should your ad be?

Magical! Your ad should create a connection through the power-play of personalisation.

Consumers try to find a common point of interest and when it meets, they would choose your service/ product immediately. The more personalised your ad is, the more the connection and in turn, increased percentile of conversion.

Personalisation and connectivity are extremely low in traditional marketing!


As simple as it could be put, you need digital advertising for your brand because it has the power to reach your customers most easily in the trendiest fashion, by letting you save more for your future investments!


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