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Top 5 SEO Trends

Top 5 SEO Trends 2022 

Before beginning the upcoming SEO trends of 2022, it is crucial to know why SEO is essential to your business. More specifically, why is SEO relevant to date.

The growth of searches on search engines is astronomical. For example, recently, Google surpassed the 360 billion per annum mark. It means that placing your product/ business amidst the searches is mandatory that multiplies the reach rate and subsequently the success rate of your organization. 

You need to optimize the information/ content/ website so that the right audience catches a glimpse of it at the right time!  Search Engine Optimization has the power to convince your audience that you are what they are searching for. This simple trick would ensure your organizational success in the short and long-run business goals!

By knowing the following upcoming digital marketing trends, you can be ready anytime to ideally use these in your business!

1. Voice Search   

Voice search is growing in popularity. An estimated 58% of consumers use it to find local    businesses that include assistants such as Siri, Google, and Alexa.

Experts predict that voice searches will be the most popular search engine query in the future. Now is the time to prepare your business for voice searches!

First, “translate” written content to natural language. i.e., You must think about users speaking and not just how they write.

2.User Intent: 

2022 will be the year you place the search intent and user behavior first.

Search intent and behavior of people are constantly changing. They use Google and other search engines to find the answers to their questions or learn more about a topic.

Businesses that understand users’ needs and offer content that addresses them can reap the benefits to both the users and the business.

Hire a Digital Marketing Expert who can create content relevant to their online audience by paying close attention to search queries. Only those who truly understand the users’ search terms can dominate the search in 2022.

3.Following EAT :

SEO today places more importance on content marketing, i.e., the quality of the content than the number and variety of keywords it is based on. Google uses the principle of “EAT” to assess content quality.

  • Expertise: The content should provide relevant information about the topic.
  • Authoritativeness: This factor is focused on the authority and domain of the content through identifiers such as external links from quality websites within the same sector.
  • Trustworthiness, The website should be focused on publishing trustworthy content similar in concept to expertise, but it works at the global level of the entire site.

4.Google Core Web Vitals:

Google is putting more importance on aspects that affect user experience Google will now consider user experience in ranking websites. Core Web Vitals is the most important metric in on-page experience for marketers that measure websites’ quality and user experience.

If you care about Page speed, here are some essential metrics to focus on. You can check the website’s Core Web Metrics Report on Search Console.

LCP – When does the main content of your page loads 

FID – When the user can first interact 

CLS – User-centric metric for measuring visual stability 

5.Google Business Profile Update:

Ranking high for relevant keywords within your local area is a key goal that has been important for the Local SEO process.

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) will remain an integral part of any local SEO strategy through 2022, as local search interest continues rising and rich results become the norm.

It has allowed local businesses to connect with customers and provide additional information via features like safety attributes, health, business highlights, etc.


The aspects mentioned above are the fast-growing trends, which ought to be looked into in 2022. Indeed, several other relevant Digital marketing trends are growing too. To know more about the same, stay tuned with us!

As a keynote, always remember that every SEO practice functions differently. Based on your need, you have to ensure that you are choosing the right digital marketing agency for your business that follows the right SEO practices and get you closer to your business goals at a faster pace for sure!


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