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Facebook Ads for Beginners A Step-By-Step Guide

Facebook Ads for Beginners A Step-By-Step Guide

Facebook Ads for Beginners A Step-By-Step Guide

It is a fact that Facebook ads play a remarkable role in the Social Media Advertising universe. To begin with, social media advertising is a successful marketing strategy and is quite popular among business houses and digital marketing enthusiasts.

Facebook ads are a place to use wisely; the platform may have your target audience, or it may not. If you use it wisely, you will gain consumers, and if not, your customers may move to other brands.

Beginning with content initiation to the advertisement reach, every step in the Facebook ad is essential. An expert like Greenwill Techs, a leading digital marketing agency could help your brand with the same!

The following are the key steps involved in the Facebook ad generation.

Types Of Facebook Ads:

The Facebook ad could be either in the form of a carousel, single image, single video, slideshow, or canvas. Depending on your business need, you could choose accordingly. But, what do these terms mean?

1. A carousel is an option that you can use if you want to create scrollable images/ videos (above two numbers).

2. A single image is the best option to create different versions of a single image.

3. A single video is an option to create an ad consisting of a maximum of 1 video. However, if you want to make a video in a loop predominantly with highlight images, maximum of 10 nos, then a slideshow is the best option.

4. If you would like to create both images and videos, the canvas is the best option.

How To Start a Facebook Ad Campaign?

After understanding the various types of Facebook ads in the social media advertising universe, you have to download Facebook ads manager and log in to your account.

The business pages associated with your profile would be synced in a matter of seconds.
If you currently don’t have such a business account, you can easily create one via your Facebook account.

If you have trouble with the same, you can contact Greenwill Techs, where FB ads expert would get in touch with you to take you forward to the next steps.

Ideally, try to keep your page with a professional outlook; this includes a high-definition copyright-issue-free profile picture, timeline pictures, and appropriate CTA (Call To Action) option.

After syncing your business pages, click the one where you would want to create the current ad.

Quick note: Setting your budget could be tricky; one working tip to fix an ideal budget is to make sure not to choose the highest option immediately!

Step-by-step Facebook Ad Campaign Setup Guide:

This is crucial, for all the functionalities are involved in this.

There are different ways to create an ad; the three major options available include the boost option, ads manager tool, and power editor tool. The boost option is a child’s play and may not give the best results every time.

While on the other hand, a power editor might be a bit tough to understand for beginners; but it has the best features and gives the best results. HOWEVER, the FB ads manager Ads Create tool helps obtain reasonably good results for beginners in social media advertising.

Creation of FB ad via FB ads manager tool is quite simple.

Step 1: Choose the “New Campaign” option & select a objective

  • Awareness: Increase reach and drive brand awareness.
  • Consideration: Drives engagement and web traffic.
  • Conversion: Drive conversions.

Step 2: Based on your goal, choose an objective from the enlisted ones;

Step 3: Choose the “continue” option after naming the campaign to move forward and choose the “website” option if you have selected to drive traffic to the same.

Step 4: Now, you need to choose the audience.

Selecting a niche/ target audience needs special understanding and expert help such as Greenwill Techs. However, as a beginner, you can choose the automatic targeting option in the placement option, choosing the budget for you.

You can narrow the choice by choosing the location and age range as per your interests beforehand for best reach. It is advisable to start with a small range of audience; for the test, ads may or may not function perfectly. With the success rate of the chosen audience range, you can move forward accordingly by re-using the ad.

You can narrow the choices in the “detailed targeting” option as well, given that you have primary data like the one possessed by Greenwill Techs through years of expertise in the social media advertising field.

Step 5: Budget & Schedule Option: You can decide on the average cost per click to stay within your budget as well. By choosing the daily budget or choosing the overall budget for a continuous ad, you could effectively control the overall spend charges.

Step 6: In the next step, you could choose the type of ad you want (carousel or single image or any such) and connect Instagram as well.

Step 7: Make sure to add the most attractive headline, descriptive texts, and such; make sure that the content you write shouldn’t copy any existing content. For, your audience might sense similarity and would skip your ad.

Step 8: Make sure to choose the best applicable call-to-action option in this step. Relevant CTAs give better results!

Source: AdEspresso

Step 9: In the next step, you could control whether your ad could be automatically translated to other languages in other regions; this is best suited if your target audience is comfortable with their native language.

Step 10: And, by clicking confirm, you have officially submitted your ad to FB, and all you have to do is to sit back, relax and wait for the approval. Sometimes, approval would not be given easily; appeals would be necessary.

Want to have a hassle-free social media advertising experience? Contact Greenwill Techs with no doubt!


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