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Key Strategies to Market your Taxi app:
Pre-Launch & Post-Launch

Gone are the days when we waited long to travel in a car. Now just a few clicks are enough to make your trip enjoyable and comfortable. 

Yeah! Taxi apps have become so epidemic in current trends. According to the raid hailing and taxi segment statistics, the number of users is expected to reach 1430.8 Million by 2026. 

Do you dream of creating a taxi app and need to learn how to marketing it? Just give us a word and we will discuss your project with our expert Mobile app development team.

Pre-launch App Marketing Strategies

Do you want to run a taxi business and make a huge success like ola and uber? 

Are you trying hard to develop an app & promoting it?

There are some hazards and hurdles to promoting it everywhere. Yet it has several strategies to overcome and make blast.

If proper action takes place in an appropriate sequence, it will create a massive achievement. So, Incorporate every app marketing strategy and kick-start your taxi app business.  

Research and Analysis 

At the leading edge, holding a precise marketing strategy to make the taxi booking app crowd-pleasing is highly significant. One has to research and re-research local marketing and find out the gaps between the existing marketing and the needs of the hour. 

Analyze your competitor’s strategy and their taxi app pre-launching campaigns & learn from their failures.

Make ABC

 After the deep work, it creates a base effectively to spread your Taxi app. The next move you must make is A Benchmark Creation of your taxi application to stand unique amidst the others.

 This benchmark should turn into a brand in a few steps.

  • Design a promo that attracts your target audience. It ensured the needs of the audience in it. 
  • The service should be the user (customer) and buyer (driver) friendly. For this, one has to know what the target audience wants and what they have in their cup to serve them.

Provide Predominant Promos

Nowadays, promos play a vital role in-app marketing. Antecedent advertisements (Promos) should reach the target audience before launching the app. It has to be telecast on various networks in various ways, like campaigns. 

Local media marketing such as television, radio, newspapers, pamphlets, flyers, and posters are yet another source that helps you reach your taxi app to the next level.

For business people, social media acts as a unity in diversity platform where diverse business people unite in marketing their brands. It’s a far-reaching digital platform that grabs the target audience and their buyers through various networks.

Please make use of Digital marketing platforms like Google ads and Facebook / Instagram ads that paved an excellent path for the additional marketing elements to expose the app to its target audience. 

Taxi App Marketing Strategies

Post-launch App Marketing Strategies

After successfully launching a taxi app, it is essential to let people know about our taxi app. In this digital and growing world, people can switch from one platform to another. We have to market or promote our taxi app and its greatness to grab their attention. With appropriate marketing strategies, we can expect effective bookings, revenues and a reliable customer base.


App Store Optimization is one such thing that boosts your app’s visibility in the app store itself.

To ensure the app’s legitimacy and standards and to achieve a successful ASO, one must take into account factors such as,

  •  App name
  •  Keywords
  •  Description
  •  Short video
  •  Screenshot
  •  Reviews

App store optimization is a great method to boost user installations and develop your brand when done correctly.

By using only ASO, they were able to raise income by 35X according to grow app revenue ASO case study.

The primary objective of ASO is almost usually app downloads, although secondary objectives might include things like:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Positive evaluations and reviews of the app
  • Audience participation
  • Diversification of additional marketing channels

Start your ASO journey with the assistance of our expert marketing team from Greenwill Techs to avoid common mistakes and improve your chances of huge success.

Online Advertising Platforms

To market your taxi app, social media is the best platform where you can reach out to a mass target audience through SMM (Social Media Marketing). Build your online presence and Invest in ads to promote your taxi app.

 Use Pay-Per-Click  (PPC) ads in google so people can easily find you when they search for taxi services. It will let them know about your company, and if not, post content often that will tell your reader In what way you are unique and useful to them.

 This will trigger the target audience, who will tend to download your app. Online platforms like Google ads, Instagram ads, and Facebook ads are effective advertising platforms that help you to market your taxi app, and they will reach out to the right people at the right time.

 Tech influencers are yet another source to market tech bloggers and influencers also help you reach a target audience. Make sure the influencers should get your app. Interviews align with your app’s target audience. 

Attracts Customers with Special Offers

Regarding the ride, both drivers and customers should be more comfortable with it. Drivers are the backbone of your taxi business, and they can also do the role of PR agent to level up your taxi business. 

Make sure the app is user-friendly, allowing people to either find or handle payment details, location details and other information in an uncomplicated manner.

Various Offers, discounts, and coupons will attract more customers. 

  • 79.8% of consumers use regular coupons, while another 80% look out for promotions. 
  • 91% of customers who redeemed a coupon will become repeat customers of a business.

You can use referral marketing in your business, where the customers can share promo codes with their contacts, and they try to reach out to your app. This is how your business will always grow when you keep on getting new customers through referrals.

Push Notifications

For app marketers, push notifications are an enormously potent tool. Push notifications may assist you in engaging your users, fostering a sense of brand loyalty among your clients, and improving your bottom line by sending timely, pertinent, and tailored communications. 

Following the completion of a booking, a user is informed through a push notification when their cab arrives at the specified location. These push notifications are also used to inform the user of any new deals or discounts that the app is launching. 

Reviews & Remarks

Constructive criticism can help a business to mend its flaws and regulate its services effectively. Reviews and feedback from the customer are essential in any business. For your taxi app, enable ratings not only to the drivers but also to the customer. 

This rating system allows you to track the drivers with low ratings and fake customers and take corrective measures to resolve the issue, whether it’s huge or small. Ultimately customer satisfaction leads you to create brand loyalty and enhance customer engagement greatly.

 To sum up, with

Conclusively create budget-friendly marketing activities, and it should stay within the limitation. Always remember to stand unique amidst the budding and existing top branding marketers. It’s not a cakewalk, making a mobile app and making it a huge success. Incorporate all the strategies and accomplish the achievements with the appropriate leading Mobile app development company, which has the massive experience to get you at ease.

Are you looking to build your taxi app to succeed in your career, or do you find this work a herculean task? Please give us a message; our expert team from Greenwill Techs is always waiting to hold you back with their amazing skills to help you succeed in your mobile application business.

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