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Content Marketing

Why Should You Focus On Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

To simply put in easy terms content marketing is when a content represents your brand or identity on the internet; content can be image, text or both.

If your viewer is impressed with your content, the viewer may become a loyal customer of your brand.

Initially, content marketing was not considered a serious aspect of the digital marketing world; however, due to the increase in the growth of content-based platforms such as Instagram, the need for good content has multiplied.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

When you put content for your brand on the internet, the search engine, for example, Google would rank your content based on their guidelines such as number of profile visits, number of clicks on the content, number of clicks on the call to action such as number of shares and so on.

If the criteria of the search engine is satisfied by your content, the placement of your site would be among the very first three pages of the search engine; this is where usually the majority of the users find the relevant answer to their query.

Features of Good Marketable Content: Avoiding the Pet Peeves

1. Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are an integral part of any marketable content. For example, if you own an automobile shop and would like to increase its reach, you would have to blog on the same with the current trending keywords.

As per the old saying, anything beyond a limit is not safe, if you add too many keywords to your content, your article might be marked as spam and it might become almost impossible to retrieve your site to your previous good-ranking. This would harm your company’s overall reputation.

2. Inconsistent Activity

Irrespective of the type of site you utilize to post your content, it is important to be consistent concerning the posting; this is because, all the blogging sites such as Instagram, Twitter and WordPress have algorithms in such a way that your content would boost towards your target audience only if you blog regularly.

Furthermore, it is important to post only relevant contents. For example, if you post your brand content one day and if you post personal content the next day, the algorithm of your blogging site would be messed up. This would eventually result in poor reach of your site.

3. Plagiarism

Have you ever had that moment when you saw a particular content and thought, hey I have seen this somewhere else and eventually you found the exact content on another site as well?

This is known as plagiarism; stealing of content from other sites and posting it as their own.

Plagiarism is a serious offence in several jurisdiction.

When you plagiarise any content, the search engine would blacklist you and eventually you might face legal charges as well.

Plagiarism can affect your brand reputation; your customers might think you are not legit and thus would prefer your competitors in the market.

The above-mentioned applies to copy-pasting of meta-description as well.

4. Improper #Hashtags

The concept of hashtags may seem vast but upon understanding the same, it would be easier to reach your target audience. Hashtags are dedicated tags that follow the symbol #.

For example, if you want to post automobile-related content, you need to look into a maximum of 30 best tags of the current time. You need to follow these tags for a considerable amount of time to decide which tag would give you the best reach within your niche.

If you use random tags, your brand would be visible to those who do not have an interest in your niche, which would be a waste of your time and resource.

5. Low Focus on Meta-Description

Meta-description can be defined as the sneak-peak glance of the content; more like the face of the content. The quality of your Meta description would allow viewers to decide whether to click the link or not.

Try to summarize your content within a maximum of three lines. Make sure that keyword is placed as well.

6. Poor Grammar

This applies to meta-description as well. While uploading your content, make sure that your written piece has no problem with grammar.

Grammatical errors would make your viewers conclude that your service might not be of stellar quality. This once again will affect the traffic on your site and your site will be placed beyond the third page of the search engine.

7. Bad Backlinks

The backlinks which you attach to your content can boost your content to a vast degree. However, this depends on the quality of your link.

Make sure to choose backlinks that are relevant, popular and most importantly it should not be spammy or blacklisted by the search engine.

The above-mentioned are very few of the basic strategies among the standard content marketing strategies.

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