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How To Grow Your Business With Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Being an influencer means “influencing” people’s choices be it their ideologies or shopping options. The number of influencers on every platform is increasing by every minute and there is always a demand for the “best” influencer on the platform. Just like influencers bring any product or service to the notice of their audience, influencers need to be marketed as well to be the top choice of brands! How do brands recognize influencer talents? Brands recognize you when you are visible and organic, which is possible with Greenwill Tech marketing services.

Why are Influencers Popular?

Influencers are popular for their expert knowledge of a niche. They build a special type of trust as the audience can connect with them on social media platforms; this is done via posting relatable content and/or interacting with the audience to share their knowledge or ideas for the queries raised. Audiences travel throughout the line of thoughts and emotions of the influencer, which helps in the promotion of a product or service; this is not attainable via traditional marketing systems. For example, when a TV ad comes up with your favorite influencer, you ought to pay more attention than discarding it as “just another ad”. This is exactly what an advertiser wants: the increased attention span.

Further, brands prefer working on pre-built trust via influencers so that their brand can establish trust faster, which is comparatively more tedious and time-consuming in the traditional advertisement system.

Due to the increased number of influencers, they are boxed into several categories based on their followers’ size; for example, if you have followers within 100k, you will be qualified as a micro-influencer. You could be an influencer with any number of followers but with the authenticity of your profile, you can earn more than your investment. For example, TikTok star/influencer Charlie D’Amelio charges almost 100,000 USD (convert to INR and you would be shocked!). Well, that’s the power of influencing!

How To Become An Influencer?

Becoming a paid influencer on any platform is pretty easy; Follow these steps!

1. Set up Your Profile

Quick tips: Make sure your profile has the quirkiest or easist name to remember.

Your handle name, user name, bio and profile photo must reflect your niche

Make sure your profile is in business mode to track your analytics

2. Choose Your Aesthetic

Remember: you can pick the most popular aesthetic or create your aesthetic. You do you!

3. Analyze Your Market

Knowing your market will help you understand the extent of work you are supposed to contribute to your posts.

Understanding your competitors will help you conclude the do’s and dont’s in promotions.

4. Make Your Online Personality

Being an influencer is being a brand. Plan your content like a brand that has a human personality!

5. Relevant Hashtags

Your hashtags will help in establishing your relevance online. Further, most brands find their influencers via hashtags; now you know the importance!

Pros and Cons of Being an Influencer

The Pros

  • You can work from the comfort of your home
  • You get an audience for your voice on ideologies to propagate it further
  • You can earn big
  • Exclusive invites for events

The Cons

  • Drop in followers can affect brand partnerships
  • You would always be on the run for ideas. There is no “holiday.”
  • You may experience fatigue or depression (many influencers in the past have experienced the same due to several factors such as the need to post regularly).
  • One wrong post can cost your influencer marketing career

The pros are fun, but worried about the cons? Contact Greenwill Techs to tackle the same!

How Digital Marketing Helps You To Become an Influencer?

With the following Greenwill Techs digital marketing strategies, you are sure to become the next biggest influencer on your desired platform.

  • Organic marketing (real-time likes, views, shares and engagement)
  • Original content for your platform where you don’t have to worry about plagiarism or such issues
  • Constant posts where you don’t have to worry about missing out on your schedule or theme
  • Curated posts where you get only positive engagement; you would never be on the wrong side of controversy!
  • Constant promotion of your profile and posts to reach brands
  • You can take care of your health while we take care of your brand!
  • Your brand always takes one step forward than the previous day and is always ahead of your competitors!

At Greenwill Techs, your brand is sure to grow a step beyond your expectations.

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